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Tiyatti Speight
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  I work as a seasonal tax professional for H&R Block. It has allowed me to expand my people skills as well as meet new people.  Unknowingly, it has played a major role in what I will need once my writing career has begun. Meeting and greeting new people will become a part of my routine.  And now that I have the skills to do so efficiently, I cannot thank H&R Block enough.

  Growing up in Wilson, NC, I have seen the good and the bad of people.  Choosing to be one of the good isn't always the easiest choice.  There comes a time when everyone has to grow up and be an adult.  I chose to do that early.  Having younger siblings (1 brother and 2 sisters) taught me that there are people who look up to you.  So I chose the road less traveled by. 
  Writing has become my salvation, my home away from home, and my fantasy land.  It has given me the power to escape reality and enter into a place where anything is possible.  Everything is reachable. It has given me a way out.



Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Love Jones, Brown Sugar, A Bronx Tale, Poetic Justice, Friday

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Jazz: Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Coltrane, Najee
R&B: Jaheim, Jagged Edge, Usher, Musiq, Tamia, India Aire
Hip Hop: Tupac, Ludacris, Petey Pablo, Jay Z

This is one of my favorite books.  Since there are too many to name, I chose this one.
Black Boy by Richard Wright

Some painters/artists that spark my interest:
WAK, Merrill, Gjeri, LaShun Beal